Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Saint Leo Abbey was filled with the glorious sound of children 
singing Christmas songs to us this morning, 
what a Blessing it is to have them visit every year.

-Thank you Mary Paiva Kennedy for your leadership with this Home School Group

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Chapter Room Doors... where the solemnly professed monks discuss and vote on Abbey business.

The doors are original (1906) and were built by the founding Monks. After accumulating several layers of paint over the years Br Timothy restored  them back to the original condition.

Come take a look, they are outstanding. Thank you Br Timothy for your hard work.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rabbi Skorka speaking about Pope Francis November 1, 2016

Rabbi Skorka who is staying at the Guest House at St Leo Abbey is speaking at Saint Leo University on his personal relationship with Pope Francis.  He spoke of how Pope Francis has a great personality, very down to earth and loves soccer.  If you were not here you missed out on a great speaker.

Dinner with Rabbi Skorka October 31, 2016

Rabbi Skorka and Abbot Isaac 
October 31, 2016 
Br Tate enjoying conversation with Rabbi Skorka


Celebrating and Honoring Abbot Isaac on his 9th year anniversary of his Abbatial Election.

Great evening of food and fellowship to Celebrate Abbot Isaac.  
October 27, 2016 


Monday, September 26, 2016

Purpose of Monastic Life

Seeking God
Seeking God above all else is the rootof all the other Benedictine values.
Seeking God is a matter of living inGod’s love and growing in that love. Seeking
God means loving Him with all one’sheart, mind, soul, and strength and, therefore,
following Christ wherever He may leadus. Seeking God is not just a part-time
activity but a full-time, moment-by-momentquest to know how God works in one’s
everyday life and how He leads uslovingly on a lifelong journey of faith. The Oblate
knows in faith that “God is alwayswith us “ (RB 7:23) and is “aware that God’s
gaze is upon [us], wherever [we] maybe” (RB 4:49). Therefore, the Oblate is eager
to surrender to God more and more,with and in Christ, until his or her thirst for
God’s presence is fully satisfied inheaven. This quest for God is undertaken not
only in solitude and private prayerbut also in the busyness of work and amidst a
community of fellow-seekers.